How to Cope With a Difficult Mother and Reclaim Your Life

7 ultra-short lessons to help you stay calm before, during, and after nerve-racking interactions with your difficult mother

If you struggle to end a toxic pattern of interactions with your difficult mother, this message is for you.

Manipulative, clingy, or seemingly weak, your mother controls your life and creates drama along the way. She tells you what to do, how, and then criticizes you for not doing it good enough.

Whatever your mother says or does, she makes sure to keep you in a stranglehold, miserable and gasping for air. 

Every time you're with her, you feel small, useless, and inadequate.

She sees you as an extension of herself, and as such, she expects you to obey her every command.

You must stop following your mom's script – you have your own life to enjoy.

Here is the good news: you've come to the right place!

This course is designed to help you break that internal barrier and take control over your life. One little step at the time. 

You've already realized that you can't go on letting your mother control your every step. Participating in her drama has brought you to the edge of emotional collapse. However, your insecurities and fears are holding you back.

You fear to confront your mother, and you fear the consequences of conflict – you know them too well. She might withdraw plunging you into the abyss of silence or engulf you into flames of her uncontrolled anger. But what scares you most is losing her and the rest of your family – she threatens you with that, and you know it's not bluff. Either way, the punishment will be severe, and you have a lot to lose.

We're here to help.

THAT'S who this course for: daughters of difficult, self-absorbed, manipulative, angry, hurtful mothers.

Daughters who DO want to free themselves from their mother's tyranny and enjoy their lives, but who're not sure how.

What you need to succeed with this course is to accept the idea of finally separating yourself from your mother emotionally and taking responsibility for your own life.  


Being born to a difficult mother doesn't mean you're doomed to stay in her power forever, feeling like a failure, an exhausted, sad version of you. 


Take this course and enjoy your first steps to freedom of being YOU. 

Enroll now to leave generational trauma behind and start healing for yourself, your children, and future generations in your family.

Learn Handy Tools – Stay Calm – Enjoy Your Life

Dealing with a difficult person is energy-draining, isn't it? 


Someone at work or on the street can disturb your peace, causing discomfort for a while. Shaken by the individual's bizarre behaviour, you may shrug, roll your eyes, and walk away.  

But the story is different when the person who wreaks havoc in your life is your dear mother. It hurts, like any chronic pain would, again and again. You may enjoy a pain-free day or week, but it always comes back with a vengeance. 

We created this course to help you deal with your self-absorbed mother. So, that you have easy-to-use SOS tools at hand wherever you need them.

Here's what the course will allow you to do:

  • Shift your perception of your situation from helpless to responsible
  • Shift your mentality from a victim to victor
  • Build new communication skills
  • Learn how to prepare yourself for future interactions with your mother – how to behave, what to say, and when to walk away
  • Calm your nerves, de-stress, and prevent panic attacks
  • Manage difficult emotions like shame
  • Find joy in your life

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Done with allowing your mother to disturb your peace?  Here's what you will get from this course:

Video lessons

7 ultra-short videos to use as step-by-step instructions or separately to cope with your challenging, stressful situation


Quick, easy-to-implement tools and exercises to regulate your emotions and calm your mind including short PDFs and short videos


Examples of dialogues to change communication patterns and set new boundaries 

Audio files

7 audio recordings of the lessons so you listen to the lessons anywhere you go


In addition to the video lessons, you will also receive a bonus video that will show you how to create a safe place and nurture yourself.

This short course on ‘How to Cope with a Toxic Mother and Reclaim your Life’ is comprehensive and extremely useful – providing you with lots of tools and exercises to help you recreate a more boundaried relationship, or indeed be able to let go of expectations and keep yourself emotionally safe.  I thoroughly recommend this to anyone struggling with a toxic relationship.  It is also incredibly good value.

Sue McEvoy

BACP registered and senior accredited counsellor

Work at your own pace and without overwhelm

You will discover:

  • Why you should focus on you and not on your mother.
  • What is it you want to achieve.
  • Why accepting yourself is an essential step for healing.
  • Why reacting to your mother cannot bring you closer to your goals and what can.
  • How to communicate self-confidence and power with body postures.
  • What tools can help you to relax and think clearly.
  • What to say to your mother and how, so she listens.
  • How to calm and regenerate after a painful confrontation.
  • How to cope with toxic shame.
  • How to stop anxiety and prevent panic attacks. 
  • What can help you to feel more joy.

Learn Using Your Favourite Medium

Do you want a reminder, something easy to use on-the-go?

No problem! We also have an audio version of each lesson for you. Any time you want to refresh what you've learned, simply listen to a particular lesson

About Your Course Instructor

I help daughters of difficult mothers break free from their dysfunctional relationships, develop new skills and enjoy the lives they have always wanted.

It's time to reclaim your life!

You can choose to stay in the cobweb of your mother's drama and feel miserable. Or you can break free and live your life as a strong, vigilant and free woman you've always wanted to be! 

Are you ready to take over the steering wheel and enjoy your life?

To help you get the most out of the course, I added an upgraded version that includes 30 minutes of weekly feedback on your homework for 3 moths after the purchase. You can choose to exchange SMS or emails with me, have a short video with my comments, or a 15 minutes call. To access the support, choose an upgrade version.

Ready to go? Click "Enrol now" under the right package to access the course.

See you there! 

How Is Premium Different?

 In addition to all the course materials from a basic plan, you will get direct access to me.  

To help you get the most out of the course, I'll provide you with 30 minutes of weekly coaching, including feedback on your homework and answers to your questions. All you have to do is take notes and send me an email by the end of the week. I will answer no later than 72 hours, but usually much faster. If I need to show you something, I may record a short video instead of writing an email.

And by the end of the 3d month, we'll book a 30 minutes call to evaluate your progress and give you a sense of direction to continue the healing.

A personal note for you

Abuse runs in families, generation after generation.
Be the one who puts an end to the curse of your family! Drain the well of toxicity and insults and fill the void with kindness, compassion and love. Protect future generations in your family and people who intersect with them in the future. Bring peace and forgiveness to previous generations of difficult women who have suffered and hurt others because of their suffering.
Sign up for the course and start your healing right now!

Course Curriculum

Here is what you will learn after you join the course:


Lesson 1: Introduction 

In this video, we're going to create a foundation for your happiness. You will learn an easy to perform the technique to help you accept yourself. We will also set up your goals for the healing journey.


Lesson 2: Be Prepared - Part 1: Upgrading Appearances

In this lesson, I'll help you to prepare yourself for interaction with your mother by changing your body posture. I will also show you Qigong breathing and Tapping techniques to help you self-regulate. 


Lesson 3Be Prepared - Part 2 Responding vs. Reacting

In this lesson, I'll show you how to prepare yourself for a conversation with your mom - what to say and how. And what to keep to yourself.


Lesson 4: The Aftermath

In this lesson, I show you how to cope with the aftermath of interaction went wrong – how to calm down and regenerate. 


Lesson 5: Managing Anxiety and Stress

In this lesson, you will learn a handy tool to cope with anxiety and excessive stress.


Lesson 6: Joy of Gratitude  

In this video, I’ll explain how gratitude can help you to heal and how to practice it.


Lesson 7: Coping with Shame

In this lesson, you will learn to cope with shame. I also have a proposition for you at the end of the lesson. 


Bonus: Guided Imagery

In this bonus lesson, I share 2 guided imageries with you to help you find a safe place and nurture yourself. Enjoy!

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We created How to Cope With a Hurtful Mother and Reclaim Your Life with love, and we strongly believe that the course will help you in the early stages of your healing. However, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just contact us at within 30 days and we’ll issue a full refund. Please, allow a few days to process your request.

Love Grow Be Happy