Healing tools for daughters

How to Cope With a Difficult Mother and Reclaim Your Life

9 Lectures Easy

About this course

This is the Beginner Course for Healing Daughters 

7 short lessons to help you stay calm before, during, and after nerve-racking interactions with your difficult mother.

Warning: This course is not a substitute for therapy. If you are experiencing serious emotional problems, find a therapist or talk to your doctor.

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Congratulations – your healing journey has begun!

Coming from a dysfunctional family, you have been on edge since you were little. Now, you want to heal and grow, enjoying your life in the process. I'm here to help. Each video consists of educational material and exercises to build your new skills. They will help you to overcome frustration and overwhelm caused by the toxic relationship in your life.

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Lesson 1: Introduction

In this video, we're going to create a foundation for your happiness. 

I'll explain the essential idea of working on what can be changed, so you will avoid a common mistake of trying to change something that is beyond your control.

You will learn an easy technique to help you accept yourself. We will also set up your goals for the healing journey.  

See you there!

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Lesson 2: Upgrading Appearances

In this lesson, I'll help you to prepare yourself for interaction with your mother by changing your body posture. I'll show you how to stop reacting out of the darkness of past experiences, and respond consciously, like an adult, instead. 

Do you want to see your mom speechless? Watch the video now!

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Lesson 3: Responding vs. Reacting

Most of us react before we even have a chance to think. We either start a fight or freeze, not knowing what to say. It's incredible how often we are taken aback by our mother's bizarre behaviour!

In this lesson, I'll show you how to prepare yourself for a conversation with your mom - what to say and how. And what to keep to yourself. I will help you to self-regulate, so you feel strong and confident, ready to stand for yourself with the help of Qigong breathing and Tapping techniques. 

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Lesson 4: The Aftermath

Things not always go the way we want. Even when we prepare ourselves, the anxiety and novelty of our new behaviour can bring us off the track, and we experience a setback.

In this lesson, I show you how to cope with the aftermath of interaction went wrong, how self-regulate and enjoy life.

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Lesson 5: Managing Anxiety and Stress

Life is stressful nowadays. You love to help, but the pressure is too high. No wonder you feel exhausted, anxious and depressed.

In this video, I'll show you one of my favourite tools to help you calm down and quickly restore your inner peace. It called alternate nostril breathing or Nadi shodhana pranayama. It originates from yoga and translated from Sanskrit it means "subtle energy clearing breathing technique." Curious? Just click the "play" button!

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Lesson 6: Joy of Gratitude

Change doesn't happen overnight, but your life doesn't have to be hard work and suffering until you're healed. One of the joys that can be found everywhere, and every day is gratitude. I’ll explain how gratitude can help you to heal and how to practice it.

Let me help you to see it. Watch the video now and find out more! 

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Lesson 7: Coping with Shame

Many of us grew up with an overcritical, shaming mother who was obsessed with finding someone to blame. Finger-pointing was bad enough, but being blamed for something we never did was worse. We grew up feeling shame throughout our lifetimes. The exercise I show you in this lesson will help you to work with a feeling of shame on your own.

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Bonus: Guided Imagery

Do you like to meditate or not, new to mindfulness or experienced, you can also use guided imagery as an alternative, easier way of meditating.

Yes, this lesson is about guided imagery to help you create a safe place and nurture yourself. Listen to these enchanting audios any time you want. As a matter of fact, enjoy them right away! See you there.