The Ultimate Guide to De-Stressing And Enjoying Life Now
Learn easy-to-apply techniques to worry less and feel joy every day


Discover how to:

  • Lay the foundation of a joyful day
  • Create the energy boosts to pep up your day
  • Sustain your good mood, all day long
  • Take care of yourself in a no-nonsense way
  • Live in the now and on your own terms
  • Improve your relationship with your close circle
  • Find and attract fun

"I really enjoyed this one!  It's a lot of fun and also great and easy to apply techniques to add some joy into life." – Robin, Canada

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It's awesome! I feel warmth, tranquillity and burst of energy filling my body when I read the guide. I'm bubbling with wellbeing and joy.


Jeanette Langeland  

The structure is visual and easy to follow. I used to do a couple of exercises in the evening and wondered why they didn’t bring me lasting joy. Now I see that if you want to enjoy life more, you should start in the morning and continue all day until you go to bed. Your advice is fun and easy to follow! Thank you for this gift.

Tanja Thiel

Thank you so much for the guide, Irina! I love how to the point it is, and how easy the steps are so that everyone can give it a chance. Looking forward to starting my 2019 with your tips :)

Gill Andrews

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