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Turn Relationships With Your Difficult Mother from Destructive to Life-Changing


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How I Can Help

Here is how I help you transform the relationship with your difficult mother and create a life you want.
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Have nobody to share your experience or feeling with? Need a feedback after another clash with your mother? Whatever you need – another perspective, a clarification, a feedback or just an ear to listen, this might be your choice. 

Online coaching and mentoring for emotionally abused daughter


Do you feel hurt and constantly at edge. Toxic relationship with your mother dominate your life. You want pain to stop so you  feel safe. I help you understand what’s going on, what holds you back, how to change it and live with joy.

Healing through learning


Not keen on face-to-face sessions with a counsellor or find them too pricy? Do you live far from the closest counsellor, even abroad, or you’re often on the road? Healing includes learning, and you can do it with help of our online courses.


Tired to fight or hide from another shell of accusations, critics or shaming?


Let me help. 

I’m Irina Bengtson, a psychologist, an online coach and a mentor who takes hurting daughters of dysfunctional mothers under her wing and helps them quit suffering and live joyful lives.  


Together, we uncover and process the issues that are holding you inside a misery bobble.  

Choose Joy Now

Daughter of a narcissistic mother

For daughters of hurtful mothers

Healing invisible scars from a relationship with your difficult mother doesn't have to be a final destination. Each moment of life is precious and should be lived with joy.


Choose healing with joy

There is light to darkness, happiness to unhappiness, but joy has no opposite – it's everywhere. What you need to find joy are willingness to accept things as they are and curiosity. 


Reclaim your life!

I can help you to heal and find joy. Don't keep your life on hold waiting for a better future, live a joyful life here and now.

I’ve known Irina more than twenty years. Talking to her brings clarity, helps to see a problem in a new light and quickly find a solution. Her experience and soft humour soothe and inspire, at once.

Tatjana Thiel

Irina is an extraordinary caring and empathic person. Highly engaged and supportive of her clients. 

An attentive listener who also hears the unsaid/what’s between the lines. 

Her warmness makes it easy to feel safe.

Jette Simon

The Ultimate Guide to De-Stressing and Enjoying Life Now

Enjoy your life

Healing takes time, and you need to start somewhere.

Need ideas for new everyday routines that not only benefit your emotional and physical health, but also bring fun?


Use this guide for inspiration and joy! 

  • 50 illustrated tips
  • advice on your health, emotional well-being and relationships
  • snackable format

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